This tutorial shows how to download, install, and use Revealer Keylogger Free Edition to record everything typed on the computer.
  1. Hello and welcome.

  2. Revealer Keylogger Free Edition is a free monitoring tool for Windows that records every key typed on the computer. It records every keystroke, even passwords blocked by asterisks and conversations in common instant messengers. The log files are encrypted, and you can hide the application so nobody knows it is running.

  3. Let’s install Revealer Keylogger

    1. You need to disable your Anti-Virus program before you install this program. Keyloggers are often used by hackers as part of a virus, so this is detected as a virus. You must reenable the anti-virus program after the installation is complete.

      1. Your steps to disable anti-virus will be different than mine, if you are not running “Microsoft Security Essentials”.

      2. I’ll double-click on the “Microsoft Security Essentials” icon in the system tray.

      3. Click the “Settings” tab.

      4. In the left pane of the window select “Real-Time Protection”.

      5. Click “turn on real-time protection” to deselect it.

      6. Click the “Save changes” button.

      7. I’ll now minimize it until i turn it back on later.

    2. Open a web browser like Internet Explorer.

    3. In the “Address Bar” enter LOGIXOFT.COM, and press enter.

    4. On the Logixoft home page, click on the “Download” tab.

    5. Under “Free Download” click the down arrow download button on the right of “Revealer Keylogger Free Edition”.

    6. It will redirect you to “C/NET” for the download. Click the “Download Now” button.

    7. On the “Download Information Bar” click the “Run” button.

    8. On the “Welcome to the CNET Installer” screen, click the “Next Step” button.

    9. On the “Special Offer” page, click the “Decline” button.

    10. On the “Your Download is complete” screen, click the “Install Now” button.

    11. On the “Install Language” window. Click the “OK” button.

    12. On the “Welcome to the Revealer Keylogger Setup Wizard” screen, click the “Next” button.

    13. On the “License Agreement” screen, read the license agreement, and then click the “I Agree” button.

    14. On the “Install Location” screen, click the “Install” button.

    15. On the “Completing the Revealer Keylogger Setup Wizard” screen, deselect everything, and then click the “Finish” button.

    16. Let’s re-enable real-time protection in the anti-virus program.

      1. Open back up “Microsoft Security Essentials” window.

      2. Click on the “Home” tab.

      3. Click the “Turn on” button.

      4. Now that it is enabled, we can close out of the antivirus program.

      5. “Microsoft Security Essentials” will detect Revealer Keylogger as a threat and prompt you to remove it.

      6. Let’s click the drop down under “Recommended Action”, and select “Allow”.

      7. Click the “Apply actions” button.

      8. Click the “Close” button to close MSE.

  4. To start Revealer Keylogger for the first time, double click on the “Revealer Keylogger” icon on the desktop.

  5. Let’s password protect the program so that only you can open it.

    1. Click on the “Options” button.

    2. The “Revealer Keylogger Options” window will open.

    3. Click on the “Security” menu.

    4. Enter a password and click the “OK” button to apply the settings and close out the window.

  6. To start monitoring all keystrokes on the system, click the “Start Monitoring” button. The icon will turn from red to green to show you it is running.

  7. The way it is set now, you can see the program is running, but we don’t want anyone to know it is here.

    1. Click the “Hide” button.

    2. A “Warning” window will open stating the keylogger is about to become invisible. Make note of the key combination that will unhide the program. The default is to press “Ctrl”, “Alt”, and “F9” all together. Click the “Yes” button

    3. Now the application is hidden, except for the icon on the desktop.

      1. Find the “Revealer Keylogger” icon on the desktop.

      2. Delete the file, and empty the recycling bin.

      3. If you close out of the application and the keyboard shortcut isn’t working, you can start it manually by going to “C:\Program Files (x86)\rkfree” and then double clicking on the “rkfree.exe” file.

  8. Now that we have “Revealer Keylogger” logging keystrokes, let’s browse the web a little bit to give us something to look at.

    1. Let’s open a web browser.

    2. On my “Google” home page, i’ll enter wikipedia for the search term, and press enter.

    3. Click the top link for the Wikipedia home page.

    4. On the wikipedia page I will search for “windows 8”.

  9. Let’s test opening it again.

    1. Press the “Ctrl”, “Alt”, and “F9” keyboard combination.

    2. The Password required” window will open.

    3. Enter the password set previously and press the “OK” button.

  10. Each entry will give you several pieces of information.

    1. “Time”. This is the time that the keys were pressed. If you look above it there is a calendar, that you could select from after more than one day of usage.

    2. “Process”. Process is the name of the program being executed when the text was typed. In this case the process is “iexplore.exe”. This is the process for “Internet Explorer”.

    3. “Title”. Title is the name that is on the top of the window.

    4. “Text”. This is the text that as entered together. If you stop typing for more than a few seconds, it will start a new entry.

    5. You can right-click on an entry, then “Copy”, and select the information you want exported. You can copy all text in the selected line, the time, process, title, or text individuallly.

  11. Let’s review the entries we made previously while working in Internet Explorer.

    1. Looking at the first entry we can see that in “Internet Explorer” we first went to the Google home page, where we typed in “Wikipedia”. It doesn’t show clicks, but I then clicked on the link for the Wikipedia home page.

    2. The second entry shows in “Internet Explorer”, on the “Wikipedia” home page, we typed in “Windows 8”.

    3. If I had opened an instant messenger program, or Facebook, it would show the name here, along with all the information typed in, including username and passwords. You could then take this information and go log in as that user.

  12. Remember that every time you close out of the program, you need to click the “Hide” button. You can’t just click the “X” to close the window, as that will close the application and stop logging.

  13. Now this program uses very few system resources, but you don’t want to run it forever. When you have recorded what information you want, you can open the “Options” menu, you can change “At Windows Startup” to “Do Nothing” and it won’t start with the system anymore but will still be installed. If you are done using the program you can click the “Uninstall” menu, and then click the “Uninstall Revealer Keylogger from your computer”.

  14. You should have all the necessary information to record the key strokes from your computer, and be able to analyze the resulting log files. Keep in mind that in some states it is illegal to use someone elses username and password to log into an account as them. This is considered digital identity theft and violates the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act. You probably have the right to track your children, but grown adults are another story. Make sure that you stay safe.